Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chaopraya Eat-Thai in Marylebone

Name Chaopraya Eat-Thai
Address 22 St Christophers Pl, London W1U 1 Phone 020 7439 1330
Web site
Main dish price range £10-15
Rating 3 Stars. Solid pick, you won't be disappointed.
Recommended dishes Stir-fried wide rice noodles

The first Thai restaurant I went to in London, a Thai Kitchen in South Ken, was so bad that it might qualify as the worst restaurant meal I've had in my life. Thai food is supposed to be comforting, the kind of thing you do on a Sunday night when you can't think of anything else -- so a bad Thai meal is like a kick when you're down. Needless to say, I've bean wary since then.

So Chaopraya Eat-Thai was a pleasant surprise. A completely different animal from its Busaba cousin, this place recalls comfortable neighborhood Thai restaurants from back home, albeit with food one notch above.

Nestled among the "disgustingly cute" shops of St Christophers's place, the décor is basic, and despite a some seriously economical chairs, not at all modern. No matter. The young service was prompt and friendly, and the food very decent indeed. The menu recommends a lamb massaman curry which was just ok (but then I've never gone in for massaman and shouldn't have ordered it). A stir friend wide rice noodle dish was much better.

Nothing was spicy enough, but nothing in London ever is.

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Ellen said...

For the record, I was the one that ordered the noodle dish, imagining it would be either Pad See-Ew, or Pad See-Ew like (which it was).